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What is website seo (SEO)? And the 12 most important techniques to top your site's ranking and search engine optimization

Do you have information about the number of articles published daily? WordPress users alone post 2 million articles per day, which is an average of 24 articles every second. And this is only for WordPress users, and what about other CMS users? It is complex and requires following SEO and search engine optimization techniques to get traffic to your site.

What is website seo (SEO)? And the 12 most important techniques to top your site's ranking and search engine optimization

You may not know or know what SEO is, but you are ignorant of its techniques. In this article, we will explain what SEO is, its importance, and its techniques.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization, abbreviated as SEO, is the process of optimizing your content and website pages to match search engines such as Google and Bing, and ranks it in the first results of the search engine to get website traffic.

And when it comes to SEO, there are four main parties, which are your site, the search engine, the researchers and the competitors. on the articles of other competitors.

That is, search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique or we can say practices that are carried out by site owners to improve the ranking of site pages on search results. And you should know that these practices and technologies are constantly changing, based on search engine updates.


The importance of website seo

Website SEO has played an important role in all marketing plans, so that there is no marketing plan devoid of a search engine marketing strategy, due to its importance, which is represented in:

It is not only about SEO, but by following SEO practices you will improve the user experience.
Gaining free website traffic, unlike paid ads that need to pay money, is a free way to promote products and services.
Users trust search engines, and the presence of the site in the first results means that it has high credibility, so users do not hesitate to deal with the site.
By improving your SEO, you will have a competitive edge over other websites selling the same products and services. So, you are likely to have more clients and sales.
SEO It is easy to measure its results and identify the volume of visitors on your website, for each page and keyword separately. This enables you to select appropriate strategies and keywords.

Ranking factors for websites on search results

Before you get to know the factors that rank sites on search results, let's get to know the types of SEO sites, which are:

Off-page SEO: It consists of backlinks or backlinks that you get.
SEO within website pages: This type of website SEO is related to the quality and distribution of keywords and the quality of the content.
Technical SEO: It is also measured on your website, and consists of site speed, bug-free, etc.
And you should know that there are no single factors for ranking on the search results, but rather a mixture of factors intertwined with each other, combining everything that is done inside and outside the website in addition to technical SEO.

Technical website ranking factors

Through spiders, search engines crawl and index websites, and for this to happen there are some things that must be done correctly, which are the following 12 most important techniques for ranking your site:

1- Website speed

Time is the most valuable thing for visitors. If a page takes more than 5 seconds to load, they will immediately close it and search on another site. When we say the speed of the site, what is meant is the speed of its individual pages, whether the main page or other sub-pages.

That is why we find that the site speed increases the bounce rate, which will reduce the site’s ranking and lead to Google search results . Visitors always expect a fast and lag-free user experience, and this is why site speed is an important factor for ranking in search results.

There are many tools that allow you to identify the speed of the site, for example, GTmetrix or Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, which are free and easy to use and show you aspects of improvement that must be done to address the problem of page speed, which is reflected in improving the SEO of the site.

2- Mobile phone compatibility

When your site is crawled by Google, mobile compatibility will be the first criteria that Google targets, and Google mostly uses the mobile version of your site for evaluation.

Even if your site works smoothly on desktop, its ranking may be reduced if it is not mobile-friendly, and you should always make sure that all site pages are mobile-friendly. There are some tools that enable you to make the site compatible with mobile phones, such as the Mobile-Friendly Test, which gives you statistics on the speed of your site.

Website scanning tool here
Website seo
Mobile compatibility check

3- Ranking factors within the site

Technical ranking factors target all pages of the site, or we can say all the website. As for the internal ranking factors, they relate to each page separately, and they are:

4- Internal linking

Search engines crawl your website, any page or article, and when you link internally, this helps search engines to index and understand the site's content well.

Search Engine Optimization
Link articles internally
Internal linking means hyperlinking between pages of your site, and this also helps users find what they are looking for on your site. In order to do this, you will need to link articles and content on the site with similar and related content.

5- Targeting keywords

Keywords, is the starting point for improving site SEO, and refers to the word or phrase that the audience uses to search in search engines, and before you create any content, you must specify the keyword.

If your site is new, it is always better to choose keywords with a low competition rate, which are always long words, for example, instead of choosing the word “YouTube SEO.” Focus on “Improving YouTube SEO for WordPress sites,” and to find out the appropriate keywords, there are a set of Tools like:

Google Keyword Planner
Google Trends

6- Titles

After selecting the keyword, you have to add it to certain parts, including the title. Search engines use headings to learn about the content of a site, as do searchers.

SEO Websites

Titles of articles in the search engine

7- Description of the article
It is the one that appears at the bottom of the title on the search results, and it is said that Google has become less important to the description of the article. It displays the part of the article that corresponds to the search term, and in the images below you can see what the article description looks like:

What is seo for websites
Description of the articles
It plays a major role in getting users to click on the result on the search engine, which is important for improving website SEO.

8- Improve the images

Images are one of the search methods for many users. These images have an option called alt text in which the keyword must be attached. Which works to rank these images in the first results in the image search engine, and if the image fails to display this alternative text is displayed.

9- Improve article link structure

Structuring the title of the article affects the ranking of the article on search engines, and random titles that contain many letters or numbers that do not make sense are unwelcome behavior, for example:

Alternatively, it is possible to attach the main phrase as follows:

10- Off-page ranking factors

When it comes to off-site optimization, there is one strategy that is followed, including on social media platforms and other sites, which is a backlink, which is linking a website page to another platform or website, indicative of the quality of the content and the reliability of the site . . To get backlinks, you must follow the following:

11- Provide high quality content

If your content is of high quality, then it will attract readers, and then it will become a reference that will be referred to through backlinks, which will improve the site’s SEO. This method takes a lot of time and effort to gain the trust of users.

12- Guest Post

One of the ways that enables you to build backlinks that target specific words is by purchasing or requesting a site to publish an article of yours, with a set of backlinks that point to your site.

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- Conclusion

As you can see, SEO includes many techniques and tactics that must be done, moreover, these tactics and practices are constantly changing; Because searcher behaviors change and so do search engine algorithms. However, at the same time, it is of utmost importance to obtain a low-cost marketing channel that guarantees you continuity in marketing your site.


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