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Steps to register in Google cool pictures with how to use it

Global company Google has announced Google Bard, the new artificial intelligence robot that comes with amazing features, competing with the chat gpt robot from Openai and the chat robot Bing Chat from Microsoft, so today we brought you all the details of the amazing robot from Google Google Bard, as we will discuss how to Registering with Google is cool, in addition to that, we will discuss its features and how to use it.
In addition, we will talk about the strengths of the chatbot that works with artificial intelligence , in order to be able to know all the information of the bot before trying the trial version, which can do many amazing tasks in a very short time, as it is considered the strongest competitor to the giant Chat GBT Until now .

Steps to register in Google cool pictures with how to use it

Information about google cool

In the recent period, we have seen more than one linguistic model based on machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques in human conversation, and of course among those models is the chatgpt robot, which is the most successful at the present time.

Because of the success of the artificial intelligence giant, chat gpt, Microsoft was keen to improve its services and relied on it in the search engine. It also launched a robot that relied on its database and called it Bing Chat, and all this was done with one purpose, which is to eliminate Google, which was at the forefront of the scene with the most powerful search engine in the world. Google.

All that was mentioned made Google leave all its services and focus on one service only, which is the development of a chat robot with artificial intelligence and called it Google Bard, and it was announced that it would start developing it months ago, until Google announced only two days ago that it would be available to users for testing. Therefore, we were keen to bring the features of Google Bard, as we were keen to bring the difference between it and other robots, and of course we will touch on the method of registration and use of Google Bard, as we mentioned above.

How can I talk to Google?

You can talk to the private chat bot from Google, which was launched this year, by registering in the waiting list, and then you only have to wait for an email informing you that communication with Google Bard has been made available.

In the coming period, it is expected that Google Cool, an artificial intelligence chatbot, will be launched in front of subscribers without restrictions, where you can talk to it to get very logical responses for free, as it is the best competitor to the chatgpt giant so far, as indicated by reports and leaks.

Can I count on cool Google to find out the information?

Although Google Bard is built on a huge database and you can try this out when you use it experimentally, Google warned against relying entirely on it to search for important information.

And Google justified its warning that its chatbot does not fully function in the trial version, and therefore the user may encounter some difficulties in use, and may also encounter technical problems or even some wrong information, and therefore we do not advise you to rely on Google Bard to answer your inquiries. According to the CEO of the company.

How to sign up for google cool

Although registration was officially made available in the current month of March, the company did not leave the registration door open to everyone, but rather opened it in some countries, and stipulated that everyone who registers should wait until the Google Bard experience is available to him, so we brought you a method Registration in Google cool pictures and steps.

Steps to sign up for google bard with pictures 

  •  In the beginning, you must download a program or add a vpn for the private browser or phone that you use in the registration process.
  •  You can download the veepn extension if you are using any browser on the computer by clicking here , and you can download thunder vpn for the phone by clicking here very easily.
  •   Now, in order to be able to register in Google Bard, you must click here and wait until you are directed to the main interface.
  •  Click on the phrase Join the Google Cool queue in order to be able to register. After that, you will be directed to link the service to your Gmail account.
  •  After the process of linking Google Bard to the Gmail service, you will receive an email stating that you have joined the Google AI chat service waiting list.
  •  All you have to do is wait until you can try the chat bot from Google after you receive a message stating that Google Bard is available.
Google Cool Google Bard

How to use cool google chat bot

In order for Google Bard to work with you correctly, you must implement the correct usage steps, in order to be able to conduct an interactive dialogue with the Google Bard artificial intelligence robot, which is based on a completely different language model than the one in chatgpt, which was officially launched last November and we talked about the advantages and disadvantages used in previous articles.

Steps to use google cool

  •  After waiting, you will receive a message on your e-mail registered in the waiting list within days stating that the Google Cool service is available for use by you.
  •  You must open a cool Google message, and then you should click on the phrase (Take it for a spin) and you will be directed to the offers and requests page directly.
  •  After entering the Google Bard platform, you must agree to the terms and conditions, after that you must click on Got it Google Bard.
  •  After clicking on it, a message will appear to you stating that Google Cool is under trial and that you are using it in an experimental way. You should click skip in order to skip it.
  •  You have now completed all the steps of using Google Cool. After that, you only have to write what you want in the field designated for writing, and then wait for the response.
  •  When you answer your question with Google Bard, you will see an option at the bottom that you can click on to get more answers from a Google search engine similar to Microsoft's artificial intelligence tool Bing Chat.

Advantages and disadvantages of Google cool

The competition at the present time is very intense between companies that are keen to attract customers by launching services based on artificial intelligence technologies, and because Google always likes to come in the forefront, it has been keen to put a set of great features in its chatbot, Google is cool, but Google bard Of course, the robot is tainted with some minor defects, which we will also address.

google bar features

  •  Google Cool relies on a very large language model, which makes the Google chat bot stronger, more comprehensive in responses, and more logical in the current year.
  •  The chat bot Google Cool admits its flaws, because it shows you a message stating that it is a computer assistant and helps the participants as much as possible, and it is reported that it makes mistakes in some cases.
  •  The response in the AI ​​chatbot is very fast so you will only wait a few seconds for your question to be answered by Google bard.
  •  You can get more information by clicking below in order for the search to be completed by the Google search engine.
  •  Google Bard, Google Bard, competes with the gpt-4 update , so it can reply to you with pictures and videos, and you can easily send pictures to it.
  •  You can get many different aids from Google Bard, where you can get new ideas to help you in your work, and you can develop a long-term professional plan with the help of a chatbot.
  •  Google Cool does not give the same answer again because it relies on a huge database and therefore you can deal with it without fear of repeating the answers, and the robot's responses are very logical.

Disadvantages of google bard for conversation

 As Google announced, you should not rely on Google Cool or any robot that works with artificial intelligence completely, because it may answer you wrongly at times.
 Some of the technical problems that sometimes occur in the chat bot are directed to Google Bard, given that it is in its infancy and in the process of development.
In this article, we reviewed all the details about the artificial intelligence chatbot Google Bard Google Bard for the year 2023, and we touched on our topic how to register and how to use Google Bard, as we touched on the advantages and disadvantages of Google Bard, and in the end we ask you to pray for us for success in what is to come.
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